Alain Boyer, Owner and Cheesemaker

About Us

For years, Alain Boyer made cheese at Fromagerie in Plaisance, and then went in another direction… without ever forgetting his trade. In 2011, stars realigned. Fromagerie Montebello was born in the heart of the Petite-Nation, to cheese lovers’ delight who first adopted Tête à Papineau cheese enthusiastically!

Thanks to financial help, such as from Finances Quebec, Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (Quebec), Invest Quebec, Canada Economic Development and Centre local de développement Papineau, the vacant space on the main road had thus an occupant. The artisanal production as the marketing and distribution of fine cheeses was launched.

Montebello was part of the only seigneury in Petite-Nation, in Outaouais. It occupied a huge territory first bequeathed by the King of France to Monseigneur de Laval who then sold it to Joseph Papineau (Louis-Joseph’s father) around 1803.

Louis-Joseph, was a very influential Lower Canada politician around 1800. In 1815, he began managing the seigneury, before purchasing it in 1817.

The names of our artisanal cheeses: Tête à Papineau, Rébellion 1837, Manchebello and Adoray, acknowledge the wealth of Montebello’s history.

We actively participate in several events allowing the public to discover our cheeses: artisan fairs, Festibière, Festival Buckingham en Fête, Fêtes des semences, Rendez-vous des saveurs, Montreal’s Festival of Lights, among others.

We rely on our partners, such as Marché de solidarité régionale de l’Outaouais, Croquez l’Outaouais, the Vallée de la Petite-Nation Chamber of Commerce and Outaouais Tourism to increase exposure.

Fromagerie Montebello is supported by a strong distribution network of no less than thirty supermarkets, gourmet restaurants and specialized boutiques, in the Outaouais region as well as in Ottawa. Our cheeses are available in all Quebec regions, Eastern Ontario and the Toronto area.

Fromagerie Montebello is proud to contribute to the advancement of fine Quebec and Ontario cheeses! We appreciate your encouragement!

Rébellion 1837 is the only blue-veined cheese made in Outaouais.
The milk, whether it be cow’s or ewe’s, is produced in nearby farms, from a single herd.

We have adopted a responsible approach in our daily operations, in particular processing cheese residues. In fact, by concern for the environment, we have formed an association with cattle and pork farmers of Saint-André-Avellin who transform the lactoserum, rich in minerals and source of proteins, to benefit their animals.

The artisan method involving human beings at all stages of the production is totally respectful of traditional knowledge.

All available space is used in the cheese production. As soon as milk arrives, it is pasteurized and lactic ferments are added. The curds are salted, then pressed and sent to one of the three curing rooms, then portioned and wrapped.