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Rebellion 1837

Description: Pasteurized cow’s milk, semi-soft, blue-veined cheese, natural rind, ripened 2 to 3 months

Appearance: Naturally fully moulded rind, blue-veined ivory cheese
Flavours: Fresh cream, half-salted butter, rustic notes, wild mushrooms

The Rébellion 1837 cheese will please the sometimes unruly side of blue cheese lovers.

Louis-Joseph Papineau, in addition to having presided over the Lower Canada’s Legislative Assembly, became the leader of the Patriots during the 1837-1838 Rebellion. He co-authored “Ninety-Two Resolutions” amending Lower Canada government administration, also denouncing corruption. England’s rejection created the uprising of the people.

The label recalls a historic battle of the Rebellion.

Winner of the Bronze category at the World Cheese Awards 2016.

Winner of the second prize at the British Empire Cheese Show 2015.

Laureate of the CASEUS 2014 & 2017 Selection, Blue-veined cheese category.

Napoléon de tomates jaunes et fromage Rébellion 1837

Ingrédients :

  • Feuilles de roquette
  • Tomates jaunes
  • Tomates orange
  • Tranches de fromage Rébellion 1837
  • Huile de truffes blanches
  • Réduction de vieux balsamique

Méthode :
Sur un lit de feuilles de roquette, superposer des tranches de tomates jaunes et orange. Assaisonner de sel et de poivre entre chaque étage.
Garnir de fromage bleu le Rébellion 1837 et de quelques gouttes d’huile de truffes blanches ainsi que d’un trait de réduction de vieux balsamique. Savourez.