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The dream of a cheese maker

Alain Boyer made cheese for several years at the Fromagerie de Plaisance, and then took another route... without, however, mourning the profession.
In 2011, the stars realigned. Fromagerie Montebello was born in the heart of the Petite-Nation, to the delight of fine cheese lovers who first enthusiastically adopted the Tête à Papineau!
Thanks to the support of authorities that believed in the project, including the Ministère des Finances et de l'Économie du Québec, the Ministère de l'Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l'Alimentation du Québec, Investissement Québec, Canada Economic Development and the Centre local de développement Papineau, the premises on Principale Street now had an occupant. The artisanal production and marketing of cheese products was launched.

One bite at a time

We actively participate in several events to promote our cheeses: artisan fairs, the Festibière, the Buckingham en Fête Festival, the Seed Festival, the Rendez-vous des saveurs and Montréal en Lumière, among others.
We can count on the support of our partners, such as the Marché de solidarité régionale de l'Outaouais, Croquez l'Outaouais, the Chambre de commerce Vallée de la Petite-Nation and Outaouais Tourism to better shine.

When history inspire success...

Montebello was part of the only seigneury of the Petite-Nation in the Outaouais. The seigneury occupied an immense territory first bequeathed by the King of France to Monseigneur de Laval who sold it to Joseph Papineau (father of Louis-Joseph) around 1803.

His son, Louis-Joseph, was a very influential politician in Lower Canada around 1800. In 1815, he took over the management and finally bought it in 1817.
The names of our artisanal cheeses, Tête à Papineau, Rébellion 1837, Manchebello and Adoray, salute the richness of Montebello's history.

Fromagerie Montebello is supported by a solid distribution network, including some thirty big-box grocery stores, fine dining restaurants and specialty stores, both in the Outaouais and Ottawa.
However, our cheeses are also available throughout Quebec, Eastern Ontario and the Toronto region.

Fromagerie Montebello is proud to contribute to the development of fine cheeses in Quebec and Ontario!




  • 664, Notre-Dame street, Montebello (Québec)
  • J0V 1LO Canada
  • 819 309-0541
  • Admin@fromagerie-montebello.ca

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